Immigration Lawyers: What to Know Before You Hire One

Immigration Lawyers: What to Know Before You Hire One

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How to select the best immigration lawyer to help you as explained by former INS Immigration Attorney Carl Shusterman (1976-82).

Rule #1 – Choose an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Rule #2 – Find out what Type of Experience the Attorney Has

Rule #3 – What is the Attorney’s Area of Expertise?

Rule #4 – Research the Attorney’s Reputation Among Other Immigration Attorneys

Rule #5 – Choose a Certified Specialist in Immigration Law if Possible

Rule #6 – Location Usually is Irrelevant

Rule #7 – Communication – How Quickly Does Your Attorney Get Back to You?

Rule #8 – What is the Quality of the Attorney’s Staff?

Rule #9 – Do Not Choose an Attorney Solely on the Basis of His Nationality

Rule #10 – Remember, You Get What You Pay For

Attorney Shusterman has practiced law for over 40 years. He is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law. He has testified as an expert witness before the U.S. Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee. He has litigated immigration cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.

The attorneys in the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman have a combined total of well over 100 years of immigration law experience. They have obtained immigration benefits for tens of thousands of clients from around the world for more than 30 years.

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