How to choose the right immigration lawyer for you?, Immigration Lawyer in California

How to choose the right immigration lawyer for you?, Immigration Lawyer in California

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How to choose the right immigration lawyer for you?

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00:00 You need an immigration lawyer, but how do you find the right one

00:11 We wanted to answer one of the most common questions that I get asked how to find the right immigration lawyer for you.

00:36 It’s really important to start with a referral

01:06 Most immigration attorneys are offering free consultations. And so it’s important to choose some of those that are offering free consultations.

01:25 . Most immigration attorneys are working on a flat rate basis.

02:47 Most attorneys are working on an hourly basis, but a lot of immigration attorneys are shifting to the flat fee model, which basically allows you to know upfront how much are going to cost you to pay for the case, how much you’re going to take time on, on their side to prepare the file.

03:42 Another important factor is to find out if this attorney is a member of AILA, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which controls most of the immigration bar.

04:22 Most attorneys that are practicing immigration law should have a public profile on Google reviews, on yelp and on AVO, which are the three main sites that you should definitely check your attorneys on Google.

04:45 The other thing you want to check is to see where they are licensed and if there are any disciplinary actions with their, with their bar association. Some attorneys are licensed in one state and they can practice immigration law in another state because the federal law, so it doesn’t matter where they are, they can practice immigration law

05:26 I think the most important advice is that it’s important to meet with a few attorneys before you make a decision because everybody has a different style. There are many, many good lawyers out there and it’s up to you to find the right one for you.

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